30 May 2011

The Cats Back

28/05/11 We're back!!! How far was it?

The Proof!

The Pub :)

The Roast.
Yorkshire Puddings.

Thanks for tuning in!  Off to find a job...

25 May 2011

Gracias A Dios Por Los Tacos

Por Fin! Since 1st September 2010, its been a bit of a joke that we are on one long journey in search of Tacos. We found them :) Then we took it upon ourselves to find the best place in town. Nos Gusta! :)

Its all about those little pots of salsas... and the onion, and the coriander and the corn tortillas and the and and and nom nom NOM.

One special night...

Just as special ...same time, same place, different night.

Fish! Up market Tacos.

Nom Nom Nom. Ooo we experimented with Los Burritos too :)

Probably our favourite Burritos.  So far...

Home made heap. Hoorah!

We will continue to improve on these when we get home :)

ODY Surfboards

23/05/11  John visited the local shaper, Ody, for some tips.

I have ideas :)

This Big!

21/05/11  We went fishing!  We teamed up with four others from our hostel and hired a boat with fishermen.  Early start but nice being out on the water.  Miguel (our captain) sewed some fresh bait onto hooks to try and catch something ginourmous, but no luck.  Some inspiration then lead him to take us to a new spot and we started realing them in!  John was in the size lead for a while, and then Grace smashed it with a Yellow Fin Tuna! Lush :)



Show em' how it's done gals.

OMG Yellow fin!

Before heading home, the captain's helper guy lept off the boat and body checked a turtle, Lucho Libre style!  So we got to swim with a turtle! Sweeeeeeet :) They thought it was maybe 30-40 years old!

We left most of the catch with our captain, but took the rest to a beach side restaurant where we traded one tuna for the prep and cooking service.  We ate so much fish! Sashimi'd and cooked in all different ways.  Awesome :)

Big Wednesday

18/05/11  We new the swell was on its way and as predicted it started getting massive on Tuesday.  We were also smashed by thunder and lightening storms and rain through the night.

Got it!

We woke up early on Wednesday morning to see the waves and could not believe what was going on.  It's so awesome to see (and hear) heavy waves this size.  And then to watch people dropping in!  Hardcore :)

Opted for a helmet today.  I guess that makes him sensible.

Scary paddle out.


Count how many guys high...

Pull in!

Some guys were getting towed in to the big sets, others were being towed out to safety by the lifeguards.

(John was gonna go, but he had to wash his hair that day).


Back on the Pacific :) Pacifico is produced in Mazatlan so it takes Grace back to her dancing days up north in 2006.

Magellen named the Pacific after the Latin word Pacifica as it appeared calm and peaceful as he crossed from the Magellen Straits at the bottom of Chile. (Where we went a-walking just months ago!)
We didnt find it so... Pacifica.

Puerto Escondido

11/05/11 After Oaxaca City, we headed for the beach for our final two weeks.  We have a lush little Cabaña, right on the beach, at a sociable little hostel called Buena Onda - Good Vibe ;)  It's at the other end of the beach from town and Zicatela (the famous surf spot) but it's chilled and only a stone's throw from good tacos and a point break :)

Hi! Chillin :)

You can just about see our Cabaña on the right, in and amongst the jungle :)

Eat Mexican everyday. We've perfected making good Quesadillas and Salsas, and popcorn for the beers :)

Grace has decorated and she sweeps the floor everyday...ready for a home?

John finally bought a new t-shirt. And then there were three...

And Grace bought a pretty dress x

We get up early almost every day.  John goes for a surf and Grace found a really good Yoga class. Lifestyle :) And when we don't go to 'the disco' we found a little back room cinema at a bar (with AC).  So we've caught up on all the Oscar performances.

Flutterby shells.

The point break at La Punta.

Date night with Margaritas :)

11 May 2011

Me-hi-co Nom Nom Nom

Holy Moly. We've been talking about Mexican food since we left home.

Tacos. Man I Heart Tacos. Almost the reason for the whole trip. Its kind of a big deal.  5 for 25 pesos. (1.20 GBP)

New Mix, a classic from Mazatlan 2006. Tequila in a can, with Grapefruit or Salt and Liiiiiiime. Fresco! John still believes this photo isn't possible. You gotta beliiieeeve man!

Holy Moly, Mole. Chocolate on your chicken. Not as exciting as it sounds, just a bitter spicy sauce. But a delicacy of Oaxaca.

Relleno de Chile. Yes, there is a chili in and amongst all the fried cheeeeeeeeeese.

This is a Tlayuda. Looks like chicken inside but no, more cheese! Quesillo is another Oaxaca special, string cheese (abit like Mozzerella). N.B. Warm lettuce is illegal.

We sampled some Mezcal, Oaxaca's answer to Tequila. John got unlucky with the bottom of the bottle and the 2 worms residing down there. Eeeeeuwwww.

Hecho En Mexico

This man made leather sandals in the market.  He cut and riveted John a sweet camera strap while we waited.

Gracias Señor.

Pre Agreed Shopping Rights

10/05/11 Before we came away, Grace made a wee note of a few things she wanted to come home with, just so that when it came to the crunch, she could say, but I made a list!!!! We found some awesome Mercados in Oaxaca. Our favourite was Mercado de Abastos, as it had absolutely everything except a map.

Las Canastas - Baskets. CHECK

El Cuero - Leather. CHECK

Los Sombreros.

Perty Flowers.

Basket Case


Por fin. Comida Picante!!!